Choosing qobuz favorites to be included in the library or not

I’d like to have an option (i.e. in the settings section or even better with a “button”) to choose whether I want to see ALL the albums in my library, including the automatically included qobuz-favorites, OR just the LOCAL ones (the automatically included qobuz favorites not to be shown).

Or in other words…: Why does roon paternalize me and automatically include the qobuz favorites instead of letting me decide which album I want to include to my library or not…??

Anybody with the same demand…?

When you favourite an album in Qobuz it is added to your Roon library. This is how things work.

To view your local media files only is straightforward. Simply click on Albums in the main menu and then the Focus button (top-left) followed by the Format button (bottom-right.)

Now, check (tick) QOBUZ and your Qobuz albums will be displayed. You’ll also see the current filter at the top of the screen: a green ‘+ QOBUZ’ box. Click this so it turns red: ‘- QOBUZ’. Now you are viewing only local files.

You can save a bookmark of this view for easy access. Also, the Album view will remember the last filter used.

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Thanks Martin! I didn’t know that the “+” can so easy turned into a “-” …! That helped, thank you.

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