Chord DAVE remote codes - anyone have a link?

does anyone have a file or link to a file of hex/pronto codes for the DAVE remote by any chance?

thanks in advance!

I have a screen shot from Chord that has the codes in the following format, but i can’t figure out how to convert to long hex or other for import into iRed2… any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

POWER RC5 (addr 1B) 0C (love discrete on/off instead of this, which is toggle i think)
VOL+ A2044 E9
LEFT RC5 (addr 1B) 23
RIGHT RC5 (addr 1B) 24
VOL- A2044 E8

thank you!

i’ll just keep responding to myself, lol.

tech sup from chord has told me - they have not programmed discrete power codes for chord devices (hopefully will in future devices), and there is no other info other than the table he sent me (in post above)… so.

i have captured the ir codes for power toggle and mute, but the vol codes don’t seem to want to capture…

just thought i’d update to close out the subject.