Chord Hugo 2/ 2GO issue


I tried to properly configure my setup (Chord Hugo 2 / 2GO + Mac) with Roon with out success.

It works but I can’t see “DSD native” (like in the picture No. 2 from Roon website).
And the PCM is indicated until 384kHz but the specs of Chord 2Go is: 44.1kHz – 768kHZ (16bit – 32bit) | DSD 64 to DSD 256 (via DoP). (Picture No. 1).

May I ask you for help please.

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My Configuration

Roon official website

You have the answer. DSD over PCM is only supported.


The Hugo2 only does 784 with a Chord mScaler or similar hardware.
Otherwise it maxes out @ 384.

Also FYI: Rob Watts (Chord) recommends not using 3rd party upsampling for best sound quality with Chord DACs.
I think you’ll find that using upsampling in Roon at best doesn’t improve the sound or make any difference and at worst it hampers it.


Thank you.
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Thank you,

May I ask you how I can disable the upscaling on Roon and let the Hugo 2 performs it ?

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You’re welcome.

It’s off by default in Roon.
Sample Rate conversion settings in Roon are found under the DSP tab.
It appears after you tap the volume icon

I run roon into my Hugo2Go with all processing off. Sounds amazing! Keep the path as simple as possible unless you need correction.

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