Chord Hugo 2 with HQPlayer

Dear Jussi @jussi_laako :

I just had another white noise blast with my Chord Mojo. This time it happens at 376kHz. I already adjusted the sampling rate to 356kHz just to avoid it.

Let me ask you. I intended to upgrade to Chord Hugo 2. Have you known so far any issue or “white noise” problem with Chord Hugo 2?

Kind regards,

Phong Nguyen.

I have mojo, tt1, h2, tt2. All will loose sync with hqplayer causing white noise blast. I solved it on tt2 by using an src-dx from audiowize.

what is the sampling rate that you output from HQPlayer may I ask?

To my tt2 at present - closed form-m, 768k max, lbs15, adaptive family checked. To my tt1 - same but 384k.

I actually think it is my USB cable, since it is intermittently happening. Now I am testing the sampling rate of 356kHz and so far so good. I am thinking of buying a Nordost USB cable to connect to my Chord Mojo, like Blue Heaven. Then I can test at higher sampling rate. I do perceive that at higher sampling rate the violin sound with ext2 filter sound less harsh.

Actually I have tried sampling rate of 352kHz and so far no blasting white noise. I think this is it with my current Wireworld USB cable.