Chord mojo/poly got really hot and shut off now won't turn back on

I did a little reading and seems like this getting hot thing is a known issue. I was listening to is from presumably dead battery. I plugged in USB charger and turned it on and was playing some mucis and it shut off while playing. I noticed it was very hot. I let cool down and charged. Now it won’t turn on at all. Does anyone know is it fried or is there some turn on sequence I’m missing after overheating shut down?

Hi. I have encountered the same issue.
Tried disconnecting the battery by watching a YouTube video, but it still can’t turn on.

I have the same problem. Chord’s online support were very helpful but the problem could not easily be solved. Changing the battery did not make much of a difference (charging never seemed to end). My Mojo is now sent to the Chord importer for repairs/replacement.

Hi Robert.

Would you mind sharing where you got the battery from? I may want to order one and have it just in case mine will need replacing down the road.


I had it done by someone, I wouldn’t be able to tell you, unfortunately.

No worries. Thanks anyways.


this company has been doing them for a while. In addition you can buy the batteries on ebay/Aliexpress and DIY. Plenty of videos on YouTube showing how to do it.

Excellent. Cheers Tony!

Went to the local distributor
Was quoted Eur 250 to replace the mainboard.
Considering if I should buy a Chord product again as replacement

Did the main board and the battery get fried? It’s pretty crazy chord should fix all of these for free. I would never buy another Chord product again from a company that makes a faulty product and won’t honor it. There are a ton of users out there with this same issue. Same thing happened to mine. Now I have a poly and no Mojo. The whole thing is clunky as hell as is chord products in general. I was considering getting the Dave now I’m glad I chose DCS instead