Chord Poly - Firmware Update v2.0

Chord has released a new firmware update for their Poly streamer, the companion piece to the Chord Mojo DAC. Here is a link to a YouTube video which shows how to perform the update:

If you are using a Poly as a Roon Endpoint you will notice an improvement in stability over your network (at least I did). More features were also added to the Poly, including support for Tidal & Qobuz. Not that important if you are just using it with Roon but all in all a nice upgrade. Just thought I would share in case you have not seen that this update was available…

I wish the update procedure was as simple as the video indicated, but it involved almost two hours of inserting the SD Card, removing, inserting, unplugging, plugging back in, turning off, turning back on until it decided to play ball. Patience is regarded to be the key to updating!

Now it’s been updated, it’s a fantastic little endpoint!

Agreed. Downloading anything to a Chord device to date has been cumbersome at best. One tip I can share is do not plug your Mojo/Poly’s power supply in until AFTER you have turned it on and it has connected to your network. I tried several times to do the firmware update with the power connected BEFORE I turned on the device, and then when I would get to the “update now” button the GoFigure app would just crash.

Plug your Mojo/Poly into power AFTER it has been powered on and your update will work (IME).

I’ve just spent far too many hours trying to update my Poly’s firmware. Updating my iPhone’s GoFigure app to permit the start of the upgrade process was easy for me. The Poly seemed to do nothing thereafter despite numerous restarts, swapping networks, disabling Firewalls and so on. It’s frustrating when you can’t get any information to clarify what the problem is.

What worked for me was to power down the Poly/Mojo combo then disconnect power until the Poly LEDs powered off. I then plugged the power back in and it updated the firmware upon powering up. One further restart and everything is working fine. It’s good to have a fully Roon certified Poly now!

Initially had a problem with updating to V1.0.4.1 but that was quickly resolved once I’d figured out that the Gofigure app needed to be updated first. The V2.0 update was a bit more of a merry-go-round. I did notice that there were the beginnings of a download on one occasion when I removed and re-applied power to the Poly - but then lost it. So the above suggestions about powering up made sense and once this was done V2.0 was quickly downloaded. Thanks for the tip.

@Roon moderators - can you setup a dedicated Chord audio product channel for Poly/Chord specific posts?

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@mike … maybe you can see if this is possible to get the Chord area setup…Allo too

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Done, and done :slight_smile:


I had all sorts of trouble getting the v2 update to work using either iOS or android devices

Despite being connected to WiFi iOS updates failed silently and Android gave me a ‘check your internet’ error’

I emailed Chord who said the servers were temporarily down so I just left it

Couple of days later Chord emailed me back to say the servers were back up, so I went to have another go only to find it had all updated itself on its own! Good job I’d left the SD card out :roll_eyes:

I love the sound of the Mojo/Poly but agree with others that they are challenging devices to use

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And Android users get a new version of GoFigure almost daily since the release of FW 2.0 (without any explanation why or what has changed). :man_shrugging:
Connecting GoFigure to my Poly still remains a matter of luck.

Anyone that have problems with battery drain while mojo/poly are turned off (ver 2.0.0)?
Seems like the poly ssid are active even when the mojo/poly are off.

I found that the ‘alternative’ BT connection method was more reliable and quicker

I’ve always noticed this before the update, so I always have them detached in store. Nothing worse than having someone walk in off the street for a demo and the Poly/Mojo is dead!

FW 2 Upgrade Instructions

Followed the instructions from Chord themselves as the YT video has gone and whilst it’s taken quite a bit of time, one of my Polys is now updated, Roon Certified and the WiFi is so much better that it’s not usable all over the house :sunglasses:

Sorry about that… here’s the YouTube link again for anyone else interested:

Not a problem as both of my Polys are now updated :sunglasses:

What kind of Poly/Mojo battery life are people experiencing?

I’m not getting anywhere close to the 8-9 advertised hours, more like 3-4 hours from the Poly.

Mojo battery lasts longer when paired with the Poly, although I don’t know how much longer as I don’t use it independently and recharge the Poly before I fully rundown the Mojo.

Conditions: mostly using Roon with HiFiMan Sundara cans, playing mostly FLAC. Some 24-bit files, mostly 16 bit.

Given the cans I’m using is around 4 hours a reasonable figure, or should I be seeing longer life?

I managed to update the Poly Firmware but with great difficulty as the Poly would not re-boot automatically even after several attempts. However re-starting the polythe next day the firmware had upgraded.
Great to have the Poly as a certified Roon end-point, but after a couple of days the Poly has now disappeared from the list of audio devices in Roon even though GoFigure App says its connected to the network. Really getting pissed of with the Poly, it’s just too temperamental. Any ideas how I can get it back in Roon?

I had a similar experience when I did the firmware update, but once completed it actually solved the issues I had been having with Roon not finding the Poly.

You indicate that in the GoFigure App it shows you “connected to the network,” but just out of curiosity did you touch the little toggle switch in the GoFigure App to go from “Everything Else” to “Roon Ready?” Sometimes I forget to do this if I had been using my mojo/poly outside of my network and then when I return home Roon no longer shows the Poly as an endpoint on my network. Opening the GoFigure App and touching the little toggle switch solves the problem.

My apologies if that is what you meant by the GoFigure App showing you connected to the network. If not, that could help your issue…

GoFigure was set to Roon. I tried flipping it a few times and restarting, but it made no difference. I’ve tried re-booting the computer, the Mojo and my network router, but all to no avail. However, today I restarted everything and (surprise, surprise!) the poly was listed in Roon. The Poly just seem so temperamental and the GoFigure App so poor that I’ve almost had enough. I seem to spend more time trying to get the dam thing to work than listening to music on it. When it works its great, but I just never know when I boot it up whether it will connect or not. I now think I’ve wasted my money in the Poly.