Chord Poly v2.0.3 as Roon Enpoint

Hi all!

I’ve recently added a Chord Poly to my Mojo to avoid cable issues and… I’m struggling with Roon/WiFi… :expressionless:

I’ve correctly configured all, also I have created a dedicated 2.4Ghz WiFi for Poly and a Sonos Play:1 only (working as endpoint too).

Well… I’m not able to stream without loosing connection.
No matter if local files or Tidal: 4/5 tracks and Roon (or Poly, I don’t know) fails sending data (showing an orange error message).

Anybody sharing the same experience out there? Any suggestion?

Hi Paolo,

I set up today my new poly. First I choose Roon as preferred connection , second thing was the WiFi connection which was due to the gofigure app pretty simple. I had already FW2.02 installed. I initiated then the FW update to 2.03, after rebooting I went to Roon and choose Poly as endpoint.

I experience no problems or dropouts so far after listing approx. 2 hr.


How did you do that? What’s your network topology? What networking gear do you use?

Mobile or stationary use? How stable is your WiFi?

What files (Samplerates/Formats)? Do you get better results when you limit the samplerate to the Poly to 96 kHz or 48 kHz?

From the CHORD FAQS:

Far more stable now.
Chord suggests Channel 6 for WiFi.

Dropouts occasionally happen with MQA and stuff above 44.1. My Sonos is in the farthest room of my house and works like a charm…
Same WiFi… Maybe embeds a better antenna.