Chord Qutest DAC with Ropieee

Hi @spockfish,

I wanna buy Chord Qutest DAC, it can play PCM up to 768kHz, Native DSD512, but it’s not in Ropieee Audio Hardware list. If I connect it with Ropieee, could it play PCM and DSD via DoP without problem? Please give me your advice.

Thank you and good day.

Hi @Ninh_Le,

Yeah the Chord will work. It will do DoP only however.

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You will also need a lan connection to do dsd512 as wifi is too slow

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Thanks @spockfish for your confirmation. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, is it still the case that ROCK will not support native DSD512 for the Chord Qutest?
If so, are there any plans for a patch to allow this?

I’m not responsible for ROCK, but imho this is not going to work.

As an owner of a Hugo2 I’ve contacted Chord and talked to one of their engineers. Bottom line is that the current USB firmware lacks the proper support for native support on Linux. So there is nothing to patch as the device first need to properly advertise native DSD support.

Regards Harry


Sorry, I meant Ropieee :slight_smile:
Thanks for the answer… so looks like only Windows ASIO driver then.

Yep unfortunately. I’m afraid we need to wait for their next-gen devices.

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Hi Jayra

Did you know all Chord DACs other than Dave convert (decimate) DSD to PCM?

I assume you are looking for native DSD512 support for DSD up-sampling?

I did not realise that - I thought the Qutest supported native DSD512 with Windows driver.
Yes I was looking to up-sample, but have since found out that the Chord’s up-sample anyway.
Windows is a bit of a last resort, and given what I have learned on this site, I am probably going to dump the windows idea and go with ROCK on a NUC or a Nucleus.

You can feed it native DSD512 via the Windows ASIO driver - all of Rob’s latest gen products support native DSD512 in this way (Mojo, Hugo2, Qutest, Dave).

What I meant is that all of those, other than Dave, decimate DSD ( convert to PCM, ‘internally’).

So the idea of up-sampling PCM to native DSD512 before Qutest, only to have it decimated back to PCM, and then PCM-upsampled internally…

Some discussion by Rob on Hugo2 (the same applies to all his DACs other than Dave’s DSD+ mode):

Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread | Page 651 | Headphone Reviews and Discussion -

Hope that helps.

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Sounds like I don’t need to worry too much about DSD…
Feed the Qutest native DSD or PCM - it does it’s thing regardless and sounds chuffing wondeful! :slight_smile:

Glad of all the help on this site before deciding on the Roon Core. Looks like I can stay away from Windows.

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