Chord Qutest recognized by the system but not by Roon on Win10

Hi All,

Roon installed on WIN10 is not able to recognize my Qutest as audio device. I have a new laptop with win10 installed. I have another laptop with WIN10 and no problem to recognize it.
The thing is that the system recognize it once you plug it by USB but not ROON. If I play something from WIN10 I can play it through the Qutest but Roon does not recognize it.

More info: The core is on a Qnap NAS and working flawlessly.

Any idea why is that?

Best regards.

You need a driver for Windows 10. See …

Thanks Martin, that was first thing I did…

The extrange thing is that it works perfectly with WIN10 aplications to play music or sound, but ROON does not recognize it…


Best regards.

Have you enabled the Qutest under Settings > Audio? Or are saying it isn’t listed there?