Chord Qutest recognized by the system but not by Roon on Win10

(Angel Vicente) #1

Hi All,

Roon installed on WIN10 is not able to recognize my Qutest as audio device. I have a new laptop with win10 installed. I have another laptop with WIN10 and no problem to recognize it.
The thing is that the system recognize it once you plug it by USB but not ROON. If I play something from WIN10 I can play it through the Qutest but Roon does not recognize it.

More info: The core is on a Qnap NAS and working flawlessly.

Any idea why is that?

Best regards.

(Martin Webster) #2

You need a driver for Windows 10. See …

(Angel Vicente) #3

Thanks Martin, that was first thing I did…

The extrange thing is that it works perfectly with WIN10 aplications to play music or sound, but ROON does not recognize it…


Best regards.

(Martin Webster) #4

Have you enabled the Qutest under Settings > Audio? Or are saying it isn’t listed there?