Christian Thielemann and Christel Thielmann

found Christel Thielmann listed among primary artists in a Christian Thielemann album (Beethoven Symphonies 1-3)

the former, though, has nothing to do with it :wink:

Have you made sure that the erroneous entry is not in your own metadata?

didn’t even know about Christel before :wink:

Roon’s very good at introducing you to new artists, I find. :grinning:


I’ve taken a look to see if this is an equivalence issue at the Roon end, or a problem with source metadata, but I couldn’t find a Christel Theilmann at all. Reiterating dpstjp’s comment, please would you check your tag meta?

Funnily enough, there was a bug in the “see every performance of a composition in TIDAL” feature we’ve just released. A whole load of American songbook compositions were being attributed to Spike Jones. A real discovery as I’d never heard of him; reading his bio, the irony of his “stealing” other composer’s compositions wasn’t lost on me ;-).

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@joel definitely looks to be a Roon tag: