Christopher Tignor - a Pop/Rock Artist?

I realise that Roon is just displaying the metadata that it is fed from Rovi, but it seems a bit odd to describe Christopher Tignor’s “Along a Vanishing Plane” as “Pop/Rock” or even “Alternative/Indie Rock”.

Modern classical or Ambient seems to be much closer to the mark, surely?

Hi @Geoff_Coupe. In this case, as frustrating as it sounds, perhaps a manual genre edit is the best option in this case?

Hi @joel - yes, this might be a workaround if I had the album physically stored as files in my storage. However, in this case it’s a Tidal album that I’ve added to my library, and then I can’t seem to edit the genres, so I’m stuck with what Tidal/Rovi gives me.

Strange. I can edit genres from a TIDAL album added to my library. Perhaps move this to Support?

@joel - woah - you’re right. I must have missed this the first time I looked. Sorry for the trouble, you can relax, and no need to get Support involved…

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