Chromebook Loads Roon Slowly, if at all

Please make Roon work with a Chromebook. I just want to use this tablet for Roon, but it loads slowly, if at all! We need support for this ubiquitous platform.

I have seen this behaviour on my chromebook as well. When it connects it works fine but the connection is not always made successfully at startup of the Roon app. I resorted to using the Web Controller extension instead.

What is the web controller extension?

There are many community created extensions. if you go to the Tinkering section you can see them.

Looks way too complicated for me. I just want Roon to support the Chromebook interface so I don’t have to jump through hoops or web extensions to make it work well.

Roon 1.8 still loads somewhat slowly, but it is much better on my Chromebook than the prior version. I have now had over a month to test it out and I will confirm that the issue I brought up is much reduced compared to what it was. I’m glad Roon is listening to their customers.