Chromecast add Track, Artist, Album Name and Cover Art + Zone Group, please!

Why is Roon Labs not able to add meta data as track name, artist name, album name, as well as cover art to the Chromecast audio stream?
Squeezebox / Logitech Media Server (as free open source software) is able to handle it! The really expensive roon lab software is not able to do so.
By the way Squeezebox / Logitech Media Server is able to group Chromecast player! Roon lab does not support it!

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Yes, that would be great!
I do not understand, why Roon is able to include meta data in the Airplay stream but NOT in the Chromecast stream.
Additionally I do not understand, why it is not possible to group Chromecast Zones within the app, too?

Nobody is using Chromecast?
Nobody would like to group Chromecast loudspeaker via roon?

Use Google Home app for grouping.

Thank you very much for the advice.

But I am changing very often the loudspeaker groups in my living room, depending where I am sitting and if my family likes to listen, too.
And I do not like the hassle of changing apps. And I do not understand why a freeware app like Squeezebox / Logitech Media Server is able to manage it within the app and the expensive Roon app not.

And in case of somebody from Roon stuff is reading this. Why are you able to provide music meta data in the Airplay stream but not in the Chromecast stream? Again the freeware Squeezebox / Logitech Media Server AND even the Tidal App is able to support both streaming protocols with meta data, unbelievable for me why Roon does not support it!

I would imagine because roon focus is on their own protocol and end points. Chromecast is provided as a nice to have, not a main direction.

In my eyes a week, but an explanation, why Roon does not support to group Chromecast end points within Roon.

But the missing meta data in the Chromecast music stream is more an error / incident = bad programming / bad software development. Especially when the software developer for Airplay realized it but the software developer for Chromecast not.

Same problem here, when using the Chromecast stream, no meta data like artist name, album name or cover art are shown. When using Airplay stream, it is shown.
Or do I have to change something in the Roon software?

Is this request specific to Chromecast Audio? I’ve always had metadata and album art, etc. on my Chromecast 2nd gen. I mostly use Roon either through a DAC and headphones or streamed through chromecast to my hifi via the tv - still sounds great if you use optical out on the tv.

Are you specifically asking for metadata to be fed through a Chromecast Audio into another player? The 3.5mm or digital optical outputs might not be able to handle this, or at least, it will be much more dev work than the well established HDMI output on the other Chromecast models.

I explained why here:

Gapless playback would be more important for me.

I’ve asked this question before. The answer was that it is related to the way things need to work to support gapless playback with the Chromecast. It appears that Roon sends a continuous stream to achieve this and there is apparently no mechanism/api available under these circumstances to update the metadata being sent to the device.

If given the choice, I think I would probably prefer to have gapless playback over metadata.

It would be great if I could choose myself within the software if I would like to have metadata or gapless playback.