Chromecast Sample Rates?

This is the signal path of Roon to my Chromecast Tv
Ok my error, try again

I’m not hearing any sound… ok, user error. Sound is fine.

I don’t think the Bluesound is seeing MQA here, I think they need Roon to do the first unfold. I’ll need to do more listening but MQA sounds fuller bigger sweeter to my ears…

Ok cool, no worries

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Wow this came out of the blue. Now I can set up a new bedroom system and have Spotify, GMP, Qobuz and Roon with Tidal

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A lot of TVs don’t pass PCM audio unmolested out of their toslink ports. I have a Sony Bravia that outputs everything from its toslink output at 16/48, regardless of input format, with the odd exception of broadcast television, which outputs at 24/48. There’s little hope of MQA making it from HDMI->toslink cleanly in that case.


So if I want 24/96 and Roon’s album cover display, I can rubberband a Chromecast Audio to a Chromecastand group them. Still less than $100.


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Yeah, you could.

We are planning to add a way to use a Chromecast in a display-only capacity. Most of the work is done, but we still have to build the configuration management that lets you link a cast device to an arbitrary zone in a display-only capacity.

The cast device doesn’t care if we play audio or not…we can just as easily launch it + have it do pure display of metadata while the audio plays elsewhere.

For a lot of zones with a TV that happens to be in the room, that will be a much nicer product than the rubber band hack :slight_smile:


And loop fan art for a nice dynamic display? That would be very cool. Maybe videos one day. I was surprised to notice chromecast is already looping fanart where the work (like an opera) has a long artist list. As ever though the quality of the art is often not great. But by the sounds of things all this has a focus now. Look forward to it.

That’s great.
This display we are talking about, it’s new with Chromecast?
AppleTV doesn’t have it?

Can somebody post a picture?


Wow, just tried this with my Sony Bravia, looks and sounds superb! Downsamples everything to 24/48k but sounds good.
Terrible pic on a bright day but England 2 Sweden 0! :slight_smile:


That’s just wonderful! Was about to propose that but you guys are always one step ahead. :wink:

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Now I really have to work on my artist pictures.

Some nice PMC speakers there! :+1:t2:

I’m itching to see if my Q Acoustics Q-TV2 soundbar copes with 24/48 from a first gen Chromecast, but I’ve gotta wait for my daughter to relinquish the damn iPad (to view the DSP option) :neutral_face:
Wonder if Roon plan to improve the App experience for iPhone? :thinking:

Get a tablet, phones are just too small to get the best of what Roon can deliver…

The entry level iPad is cheaper than a Roon lifetime subscription. It is excellent value for money (not often one can say that about an Apple product). Roon remote is effectively designed for it I think, with other remotes being slightly compromised in one way or another.

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Second hand Mini 3 here.

AppleTV has their own graphic design for now-playing data, so it shows some stuff, but not as nicely.

On Chromecast, we control the rendering, since a Chromecast is (more or less) an embedded web browser, so we did our own design for that screen in @RBM’s screenshot.

We have some work to do on this, too. Sourcing or crowd-sourcing better artwork will help, but the other thing we really need content-aware cropping/positioning of images on the display side.

We call this the “foreheads problem”:


The idea is to identify the most salient portion of the image (red bounding box), the center-of-mass of salience (red dot), and any human faces (blue boxes) in the image.





Using this extracted information, we can come up with cropping rules that avoid chopping faces in half and focus attention on the most interesting parts of an image.

The exact crop rectangles different from situation to situation, but the idea is that for each display scenario–whether it’s a 16:9-ish like Chromecast, or a square image in a grid, or a 4:3 on the artist browser, we’ll be able to intelligently crop the image for the situation.

Anyways–we have the computer vision/feature extraction part working well, but there is a lot of “plumbing” work involved in getting it deployed for real and then distributing the benefits to all the relevant places in the product.


Impressive thinking.
Surprising places it takes you, the simple concept of browsing and playing music.

Ah, basterds! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Seriously though, that was about the saddest excuse of a :soccer:-game i’ve witnessed in quite some time. England deserved the win, no argument… The best of luck to the English in the next game!

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What is this “Sweden” you guys talk about?
Nerver heard of it.