Chromecast Surround Sound

Chromcast support greatly appreciated.

Should I be able to play multichannel sources ?

I am using gen one chromecast plugged into an NAD 747 receiver (configured with 5.1). (core is linux)

Multichannel material appears to be downmixed to 2.0.


What is the downmix setting on your Chromecast device?

Edit - guess it makes sense. As with airplay the protocol determines the options you have under the advanced settings for the device (eg my Naim that is roon ready, airplay and Chromecast - but the settings change depending on which protocol I’m using). It doesn’t look like Chromecast supports more than 2 channels for audio.

As far as we were able to determine in development and testing, Chromecast devices do not support lossless PCM multichannel output. They only support the lossy bitstream codecs commonly associated with home theater (Dolby Digital, DTS, etc).

Thanks for the speedy reply.

Bummer that Chromecast is limited.

Certainly don’t need a lossy transcode !

I’ll sit back and enjoy the stereo mix.