Chromecast via USB output, Android TV

Hello, I am from Europe, Austria, so my English is not the best. Pls sorry for that. I am using a Hegel H190 integrated amplifier with built in Dac, via USB connection the DAC of the Hegel provides 24/96.
After buying a new Android TV Box with Built-In Chromecast and connecting the box via USB to my Hegel DAC all was good. But then I discovered in Signal-Path, that all audio files, which have a higher resolution than 24/48 are converted down to 24/48. For example, 24/96 files are converted down to 24/48, but my Hegel DAC can handle 24/94.
Please could you please describe me, why this is the case or do I have a problem with my devices?
Best Regards Eric

Chromecast on TVs and video devices generally only supports 48/24 for stereo content via Roon unless it advertises to Roon it can handle more. But as you your using Android OS to connect to the Hegel via USB that is the main reason. Android Audio stack only supports 48/24 and the os resampled all content automatically.

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Thanks @CrystalGipsy, is there a way to solve this with an app ore something?

And would I have the same resolution by connecting the Mi Box via fibre cable?

No afraid not for Roon unless you ditch using the TV and Chromecast and attach a small bridge device such as Raspberry Pi and connect that to be USB in on the Hegel. You can buy one for not much money get a flirc case, install Ropieee operating system (designed for Roon) on an SD card and your away. Android is borked for Audio in most cases and only few manufacturers get around it, however Roon won’t regardless it’s Android support is based on the regular OS for most compatbility so will always resample.

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Or you could try and find a Chromecast Audio and use that as a bridge device…stream to it from Roon in 24/96 maximum and send digital output via Optical to your Hegel, but still use Android TV as a Room “Now Playing” display

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@Peter_Myers1 What do you mean exactly by still using Android TV as a room “Now Playing” display. And is the Chromecast Audio available do stream 24/96 not 24/48 ?

If you can find a chromecast Audio (EBay) it acts as a streamer and unlike Chromecast Built In, it will stream up to 24/96, so higher res than any current chromecast device (Why they discountunued this I do not know?). With Roon you can nominate a chromecast display as a display device, so you can stream 24/96 files via chromecast audio >Dac > Amp, and at the same time nominate a chromecast display device on your network to display the fabulous Roon “Now Playing” screen

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Many had issues streaming 96/24 though, it’s Spdif output is not great. You can use the TV as a display with any device you choose to stream with.

The other thing to keep in mind is that this sort of resample, while not ideal in theory, is absolutely nothing to lose sleep over. Just enjoy the music.


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