Chromecasting remote screen

I am hoping to cast the remote screen on my iPad to my flat panel by Chromecast. I have the Artist/Photo/Runtime active, but I want it all!

When listening on the iPad (I’m doing it right now) you can tap the volume icon and then the monitor one. Choose the cast device you want and the album art should beam onto the screen.

Hey Jonathon:

I guess I failed to make myself clear. I have the Chromecast artist/album cover option.

What I am asking for is a mirror of the entire Roon remote-based video available on my flatscreen. Previously I was running Roon on a Mac Mini, and with the HDMI output I could view and control the entire process, from setup to playback on my Sony. I no longer have that capability since I switched to a Nucleus. My only regret.

Control is not necessary, but I would like to have my 55" as a complete Roon monitor.

Thanks, and I am named for my great-great grandfather Jonathon. My first name is Jon.