CI 720v2 - is this actually Roon Ready?

Looking at kicking off some bits in advance of a house build with a number of roon enabled zones and came across this product.
NAD website has the roon logo on the product page but the tech spec download doesn’t have any mention of it - is also on the roon ready page on roonlabs but wonder if it in the same bucket as the CI520 that was rr but appears to have issues and is no longer considered stable.

I would call or email NAD tech support and ask directly.

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Amusing thing is, there is no contact email or phone number on the website!

Craig in this forum uses them or did. I was going to but were out of stock at that time, went with Nodes instead.

Ive been researching this for a day or two. I started off looking at the bluesound (equivalent) unit and was told by their tech support it is NOT roon ready. As far I can see, the NAD 720 original version is roon ready but the V2 may not be (Crutchfield explicitly says it is not roon ready). I also cant find a contact number for NAD tech support :frowning:

I managed to get an email address for NAD support and they confirmed it is Roon Ready and I also found it listed on the Roon partners product list.
That said, I ended up getting a Powernode.

Will revisit this when actually building and need to sort out in 12-18 months.

Anyone here actually have one or more of these deployed? I’m looking for confirmation of Roon Readiness as well as thoughts on usability, performance, and anything else that comes to mind. Thanks.

The deal is, anything NAD badged with BluOS is supposed to be Roon ready.
I ended up getting a Powernode instead as for little price difference you get a bigger amp.

Certainly. However, there’s another active thread with someone hitting an issue with NAD product.

I’m considering four to six of these to drive ceiling and outdoor speakers. I don’t actually need more powerful amps…60w/channel should be sufficient.

Thanks for chiming in.

There are issues with the CI-580 v2 not living up to 4 zone expectations - I am told by my dealer this is due to a single Ethernet input therefore a single roon decoding, these 720s have one Ethernet per unit so should run independent of each other.

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I’ve have 6 of these (NAD CI 720v2) running in Roon, since late 2020. Haven’t had any issues with them. They show up in the roon ready section of the app.

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I purchased the CI-580 v2… and routinely run 3 zones on it and I havent seen a single hiccup. I wish it had bluetooth passthrough so in those weak moments I could go the easy route :slight_smile:

Hi David, are your 580 v2 units running the latest firmware? There’s a few posts on these forums saying the 580 (v2 included) were not working with roon. Have you ever tested the setup with a full 4 zone load on the 580s via roon? I’m currently trying to figure out my equipment for a multi room setup and looking at the 580s but only if roon works…