Classical Artist vs. Composer

I must be missing something here but Roon doesn’t seem to do a very good job of distinguishing between the composer vs. the artist. It seems to default to composer. For instance Leonard Bernstein. I have albums of him both as an artist and as a composer but when I hit discography I only get hims as a composer and can’t see the rest off my library with him as a conductor. I just tried to look up George Szell and to my surprise he didn’t come up as an artist to click on but as a composer (with one obscure composition apparently.). When I try to see my library of albums with him conducting I only see 4 albums (with him apparently listed as composer) and not the dozens of other albums where he is just the conductor. I liked the old way where I could toggle if I wanted to look at the composer or artist. Very frustration.

Hi, John. This issue has been flagged to the support team since 1.8 was launched. A correction has not been made yet but let’s hope it will be solved in the next update as it applies to many artists (not just composer/conductors but many other instrumental performers) as the composer field encompasses anyone who also arranged pieces they performed. It may have escaped notice in beta testing as it is not so much an issue for most current (living) performers who dabble a lot less in composing or arranging (I am maybe unfair in my generalisation for artists like Marc-André Hamelin or Stephen Hough and many others!

As @Happycy mentioned, this has been recognized by Roon Support as a bug in Bersion 1.8 and will hopefully soon be fixed. Its a huge issue for all classical music collectors using Roon.

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