Classical composition not recognised despite existing on

I have a strange behaviour. I have a couple of albums, or part of albums for which the composition are not recognised. For example, I have Mahler “Symphony 6”, that is identified as a different composition as the proper “Symphony No. 6 in A minor (“Tragic”)”. I have tried to fix it by tagging the file with the exact same work name as in all music, sometimes fix the problem, sometimes not. I read all knowledge base article on tagging best practices, but nothing help me understand that strange behaviour.
Also, when I properly tagged all songs, composition sometimes is recognized, but if I identify the album, it happen that it is lost again. I try to force file tag to be used instead of Roon, but that change nothing.
Can somebody help?

Can you upload some screen shots showing exactly what you’re seeing?

Hi, as you can see, the files are properly tagged but the composition is not recognised and appear in the composition browser as a different composition as the other Mahler: Symphony 2 in C Minor.


I think I can see what’s happening here, but to confirm can I have a screenshot of the Album Details page?

There is a solution. If there wasn’t, my world would have imploded by now…

Dear Ludwig, is it what you need?

I’m a bit puzzled here. To help me out:

  1. Was this album automatically identified, or have you manually identified it?
  2. Do you have any WORK, COMPOSITION, PART, or MOVEMENT tags in your file metadata?


Hi, yes it was automatically identified with the issue I mentioned. I then tagged it properly with work and part, but this did not correct the issue. FYI, on some boxset, my tagging of the files would fix the composition issue.

A full screen shot of the Album Details page would be more helpful than what you provided, because it shows whether Roon is displaying the album as identified or whether you chose to prefer local data, and also genres which (used to) make a difference.

For example, I see no composer in your track listing but do on other fragmentary screen shots. I suspect therefore the album has no Classical genre. Please add it and see what else might change.

But the main thing is this: If you look at the Mahler work list in Roon, do you see two entries for Mahler 2, one with description text (the “canonic entry”) and one without, coming from this album? If so just merge them, choosing the one with the descriptive text as the primary one. Then the work will display in the track listing with the canonic name, and the performance will be connected with the others of that work which you own.

Hi, I had put the composer in the tag which sometimes resolved the issue. Yes, I have 2 entries in the composition browser. Did not know I can merge compositions. Works like a charm. The thing is I still don§t know why the composition is not recognised during identification despite each tracked being properly tagged.

Because we don’t (yet) attempt to look up in the Cloud any composition title that you may have put in your tags. We do, however, attempt to match up with a composition title which is already in your library using a degree of text normalization. However, in this case, it clearly wasn’t close enough.

Hi Joel, strange as I named the composition in files tag exactly as it appears on
Generally speaking, logic behind composition is still not completely clear for me. For example, I have the complete Anna Moffo boxset which is well recognized as it exist on allmusic, but for some disks, instead of having one composition (eg: Manon Lescaut, opera) and all parts insisde it, each file appear as a composition with only one part into it (eg: 25 times Manon Lescaut of 1 parts instead of 1 Manon Lescaut with 25 parts). I checked on allmusic and it is properly organised on the site, so I have tough time to understand. I could manually tag with composition/parts, but it is super time consuming (I already do it for all my LP’s using yates), but it is not time saving I would expect from Roon. I can propvide you with more details if needed.

Hi @Christophe_Lambinet ---- Thank you for the feedback, as the insight is very appreciated!

Moving forward, would it be possible for you to provide us with one “disc” from the mentioned box set that’s not working as expected for analysis? If you can supply the media via a shared dropbox link it would be very appreciated!

If you are not a dropbox user, no worries, just let me know and I can provide an alternative upload method. Let me know.


I would be curious to see a screen shot of the Manon Lescaut problem, both the Roon display and your file tags. And a link to the Allmusic page you mention. It might tell us something.