Classical Compositions

I am having problems with Roon recognizing some compositions. As you can see above the first 6 tracks are two Mozart Horn concertos that aren’t recognized as compositions. I know that these compositions exist as I have other discs that are correct. I have work and part tags on these files and they are the same as the work and part tags on the other discs that are properly recognized. These don’t even have a composition button off to the right so I can go in and merge them with the correct compositions. What do I do? How can I find these tracks along with the correct composition so that I can merge?

Thanks, John

Same problem with the metadata for “Bartók: The Works for Piano & Orchestra” with Zoltán Kocsis and Iván Fischer, 3 CD Philips box set, 1985. The three piano concertos and “Music for Strings, Percussion & Celesta” are all properly identified, but two less-known works, “Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra op. 1” and “Scherzo for Piano and Orchestra” are not. Tried everything I could think of to fix this without success.

Albums need a classical genre to get work grouping.

The Kocsis example is likely to be completely different.

@Fernando_Pereira - for the Kocsis album, we’ve had to identify the works from track-level composer metadata and catalog numbers.

The tracks for the Rhapsody have no composer; you might want to try adding ‘Béla Bartók’ (exact spelling with accents) to these two tracks.

The tracks for the Scherzo have neither composer, nor catalog numbers. It looks to me like the work may be ‘Scherzo (Burlesque) for piano & orchestra, DD 68, Sz. 28, BB 25 (Op. 2)’, so perhaps creating appropriate WORK, PART, and COMPOSER tags may help?

@John_Swanson_Swanson Hi John, you’ve clearly done a lot of editing / grooming in your collection as there’s a lot in that screenshot which is not from our metadata. But, like you, I am curious as to why the work grouping has succeeded for the 3rd and 4th works, but not the 1st or 2nd.

Please would you post a screenshot of your tags for this album? I need to see (at least):

  • Album title
  • Album artist
  • Track num
  • Track title
  • Track artist
  • Work
  • Part
  • PartId (if used)
  • Composer
  • Genre


@John_Swanson_Swanson I’ve had a second look at this. You are picking up metadata from a MusicBrainz edition of this album, because Rovi’s edition doesn’t have track times. If you manually re-identify this album and select the (Rovi) edition without any track times on the left hand side, I think that this specific problem should go away for you.

Thanks, @joel! Did what you recommended, but the situation persists. I’ve created a spreadsheet with the relevant track tags:

Sorry, my bad. WORK and PART tags won’t have any effect (at the moment) on an identified album. Adding the composer information might have though, but apparently not.

What about there being no Classical Genre. That used to be necessary too. Did that change?

@joel no problem, thanks for looking into it; @Ludwig thanks for the suggestion, will try!

Added GENRE: Classical, no change.

@John_Swanson_Swanson Bad metadata was preventing us from correctly grouping some classical compositions, including the two Mozart Horn Concertos (tracks 1-6) in your screenshot. I’ve made allowances for this and the change should propagate to your library within a week. Thanks for reporting as this fix will benefit everyone with the same issue!