Classical Focus Criteria

When using Focus under Classical Composers, the criteria are mostly not useful (e.g., countries, birth place, death place). Missing are useful criteria like Instrumentation and Form. In the end, your aim is to reach an album or composition and play it.

Same under Compositions where Focus is missing Instrumentation (e.g. solo keyboard, orchestra, chamber). Again, this is IMO the most useful focus criteria.

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The album view is easier for that

Album > Genre > Composer then
View more, drop the arrow on Classical pick sub genre say keyboard
Then performer


Or Composer
Select Composer
Then Focus etc

Many ways of skinning the cat :joy:

Genre is a different object than Instrumentation. I always thought that an attribution of “genres” (don’t like the term in this context) should be on composition level and not on album level. Composition offers much better information to do focus. It has period, instrumentation, form and date. I don’t understand why you can focus on period and form, but not on instrumentation and date.

On top of that, in album view you get a list of albums, not a list of compositions. This might be what is wanted here.

By using two different data objects to state the same thing (that is is a keyboard composition) you also will have different results. That’s not a single point of truth approach at all :wink:

I am not having any trouble finding what I want , I use a mix of all 3 views mostly composer> composition then filter funnel.

There are lots of ways around whichever suits you :sunglasses:

Absolutely. But I think applying workarounds does not mean you shouldn’t point out missing functions.
Everything is there to allow focus on composition properly in terms of data fields. We have case here of software not using its own data. Roon introduced these metadata fields for compositions as “proprietary” data fields. They can’t be mapped to file tags. So it’s hard to understand why some fields are treated differently. You can funnel filter all, but not focus? Sounds like a quick win to fix this to me. And this is not a 1.8 issue at all. It’s been missing for years.