Classical Genre Artists

Under the Classical genre tab the following artists appear:

Bill Frisell
Bobby McFerrin
Cassandra Wilson
Charlie Haden
Charlie Parker
Chick Corea

Not really “Classical” in my book.
Any explanation why these fall into this category?

I must admit that I haven’t put any real Classical music into Roon yet.
Could it be that Roon wants or needs to have something, even if it isn’t classical music, to show under that category?

Maybe because they are a composer of certain tunes ??? I am sure Roon will be able to tell us/you.

Classical, the genre, is much looser than Classical, the time period. It admits anything that the editors at our various metadata providers consider to be classical. If you look up these guys at sites like, you’ll probably find that the editors over there consider these artists to be classical as well.

I’m guessing Charlie Parker gets credit for “Charlie Parker with Strings”, Chick Corea gets credit for his recording’s of some of Scriabin’s works, and Bobby McFerrin gets credit for his Yo Yo Ma collaborations. I suspect that the others are being marked as “Classical” for similar reasons.

Daniel Barenboim is flagged as ‘Latin’. Presumably because he’s from Argentina.

Thank you for your explanation @brian.
I suspected that the definition of “classical” had something to do with this.

@OneHandWaving - Actually, it’s because he has involvement with Latin music as well! For example:!/latin-american-night-waldbuhne and a few other examples on that site

I was expecting this to be a bug, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out the data was better than my own knowledge. Not always the case, but here it was.

Still I find it very frustrating that all these genre tags can’t be changed / deleted / made inactive. Whenever I want an overview of my classical music, I want to see just that. I now have a tag ‘non-classical’ just to filter out what I don’t want to see there, but that’s a bit silly.
Anyone ever looked for all his ‘Brill Building Pop’? Well, it’s there (Randy Newman)!
Please, make this workable.

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I’m seeing a good few artists appear under “Classical” apparently on the grounds of their involvement in film scores. Whilst this may be strictly true, the inability to easily browse a “conventional” Classical artist list is a pain. For example, do we really want to label Tina Turner and A-ha as classical artists?

The same is true for Composers: Peggy Lee/Sonny Burke appear under Classical Composers apparently because one of their songs appeared in the Lady and the Tramp film score, and not that they wrote the film score in its entirety.

I would absolutely expect someone like Paul McCartney to appear in the Classical lists, on the basis of his concertos; however, dumping the Classical label on anyone who has ever appeared in a film score seems, to me, to be wrong.

Clearly this is tricky… I just added the soundtrack to the “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” to my library, somewhat expecting Ed Sheeran to appear as a classical artist/composer. To my surprise, he didn’t even though “I see fire” has “Contemporary Period” work metadata. Bug or bad meta?

I’m having a similar problem… clicking on Classical in Genre brings up nearly all my library, even though I’ve removed the ubiquitous Roon classical tab from those albums that belong to another genre (early music, baroque, romantic, modern etc)… ie removing the tab doesn’t seem to do anything!.. is Roon aware of this?.. Many thanks for your help – G