Classical Guitar Compilation: Too Many Broken Hierarchies to Mention

@support, This is a very good classical guitar compilation of 175 tracks from Erato I added from Qobuz. Probably originally a box-set. But all the composition hierarchies are broken, too many to mention. The problems start with the very first composition which is the 12 Vila-lobos Etudes. Can this be fixed upstream?


Normally if this was my local library I would fix these broken hierachies myself with WORK/PART tags but with streamed content I constantly find a catch-22 with roon. The only option is often, as in this case, to completely unidentify the album which is bizarre. I often do this with a single or double discs because there is nothing much lost with many genres where roon finds very little additional content anyway. In this case it is 175 tracks and fixing the hierarchies by unidentifying means having to re-enter the composers/artists for 175 tracks that roon did find.