Classical music 1.8 [Roon Radio single movements - resolved]

I have only been a user for a year, and was using Roon nearly every day.

Now I might be wrong, but when Roon 1.7 finished playing a chosen classical album by me, the ‘radio mode’ would kick in and continue to play whole versions of classical pieces, until I decide to stop.

Since the ‘upgrade to 1.8’ which was forced on me, after my iPad and iPhone automatically upgraded via the App Store update cycle, the ‘radio mode, now only plays single movements of classical music.

If this is the case, then the big push for classical music ‘improvements’ has back fired for me.

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Look in your queue list if the switch is on

I understand that SOMEONE is forcing you to turn on automatic update?
What was the threat from them if you didn’t?

Ok maybe I worded that wrong, but I didn’t realise the implications of auto app updates. The feature is now switched off

Hi thanks for the reply, can you tell me how I can find my queue listings?

Many thanks for your help


When you play an album, click this image, that will show you your queue track, at the bottom you will see the switch to “roon radio”, be sure it is ON.

Hi, it was on, but after playing the my album choice, Roon radio kicks in and just places single classical movements, and not the whole work. I am sure Roon 1.7 played whole works during Roon Radio

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Well I have to say, something has happened. My issue has been resolved. It certainly wasn’t working until an hour ago. So if it was Roon working overtime… then I say thank you :slight_smile:

Now my only other issue with Roon ( generally) is Airplay 2. ( iPad portrait mode solved, and library backup solved)