Classical music. From Apple?

Expert curation from Deutsche Gramophon. This is an interesting strategy from a service that was openly aimed at hip hop and pop. And they’re getting curation help from an expert vs trying to do it themselves. Now all I need is lossless streaming.

“Apple Music this week began rolling out a new section in Browse curated by Deutsche Grammophon, known as one of the biggest classical musical labels in the world. In this section, classical music fans will find featured playlists of specific composers, highlighted radio stations, and all-new visual albums stocked with the “full-length performance” of select operas (via Engadget). “

It’s not just UMG/Vivendi finding yet another way to exploit (us for) the huge and great back catalog of DG? I mean, DG is no more, not really.

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I suppose only time will tell. But it is a promising sign to me to see someone at least addressing the fact that streaming and classical seem to be on opposite ends of the universe and that classical can’t just be left to algorithms because of how it is structured. Classical music and “shuffle” just don’t go together. I guess we shall see.

You’re right: it definitely has potential to have a bright side, too. :slight_smile:

And since I subscribe to Apple Music anyway, a little TLC to classical music doesn’t cost me anything extra. I’ll take it.



I guess you got your lossless, @Michael_Dahlstrom :slight_smile:
I’m new to Roon and there doesn’t seem to be much in Classical music here.
I think I will have to stick with the UK Gramophone magazine then, where you can follow links to Apple Music albums and playlists straight from the reviews in the digital magazine and website. Classical music has a vast offer and you need a trusted curator to point you to the best recordings and performances. Qobuz themselves are good at it, too.

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