Classical music metadata implementation

I noticed that in Roon the “genres” menu uses the “classical” tag for many compositions and composers, from Claudio Monteverdi to Alban Berg. Similarly, when you open an album there is always the “classical” tag, whatever the author, from Vivaldi to Verdi.
In fact, the term “classical music” commonly refers to “cultured” music composed between the 11th and 21st centuries.
In the musical environment, however, the word “classical” indicates a specific musical period and style (around 1750-1820), which is placed after the Baroque and before Romanticism.
For many enthusiasts it would be of great help to have a classification that allows us to search for composers and / or compositions by period and style. For example, in the “classical” section of the “genres” menu we should find Mozart and Beethoven, but not JS Bach, who should be tagged as Baroque; likewise Brahms should be labeled as Romantic and Arvo Part in Contemporary.
It would be possible to create a subdivision and related tags based on the various periods for all composers who are now collected in the “classical” section of the “genres” menu?

Thank you

Hi @Stefano_Conte and welcome to the forum.

As you already figured, the Classical genre is not the same as the (time) period of a composition. You can use the compositions browser to get access to such information for compositions known (identified) to Roon.

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Thank you very much, I didn’t enable the Period feature.
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