Classical Navigation Suggestion


You request features and we read them. We don’t respond to most, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not aware of what is posted.

Album Interpret etc
(Tony Casey) #22

@Klaus_Kammerer1, did your proposal ever go anywhere? Personally I find the Composition->Form/Instrumentation/Period->Performance route the potentially most useful. But I also find a lot of gaps in Period, Form, Instrumentation etc. on the composition screen and these are not user editable.

I think there is a case for multiple routes to your content so I would also support the improvements to the Composer->Genre->Album route as suggested by @Mike_O_Neill here.

I would also like to be able to switch on the “path” column in the composition screen. Currently it’s only available in the tracks screen. I am sure this would be of interest to those like @Alan_McMillan with highly structured paths. I have the impression not many are aware of this option. There seems to have been two main strategies in the past. Some used custom tags whilst others used highly structured path names. At the moment both groups are struggling to get visibility on that sunk effort in their legacy libraries in roon.

(Mike O'Neill) #23

You are right about file structure, mine are highly annotated as I initially used the drive as an external USB drive on my Cambridge Audio CXN streamer so thr file structure is what you see in the iPad app

Many box sets have eg CD1 - sonatas op.2 etc

Unfortunately Roon sees that as a Album so splits each CD as a separate album, you either delete the annotation or manually merge each box set. Quite a pain


(Klaus) #24

@Tony_Casey, nope… didn’t go anywhere yet. I was a little bit surprised that there was not at least a slightly bigger discussion around this :wink: I find the drilling down or focusing on composer-work-instrumentation/form/period attributes is the most logical one.
For me it is mainly about database logic, even if the fields ar not well filled at the moment. If I focus on the Genre “Symphony” in Roon I get tons of albums… Without being at least able to narrow down focus on period it’s a useless focus operation for me. If I’d focus on anything like a “symphony” genre I’d always wanted to focus on a period as well.

(Tony Casey) #25

It has taken me a while to get your point because I have been overwhelmed by the migration problem. But I started realising I couldn’t find things and started digging. The composition screen as a Classical cockpit makes a lot of sense to me but there are a lot of gaps. I also would really like to see roon expose Date / Period /Form / Instrumentation so I could map to them from my tags. I would also like to see Boolian on the pick lists (including Instrumentation). There seems to be very few interested though. Not sure if/how roon has a case to prioritize.