Classical "parts" problems

One feature I like with Roon is that it can recognize when multiple tracks constitute a single work. (e.g. a typical symphony is four movements that are typically broken into four tracks.) In a shuffle mode queue, Roon can link the movements/track together as one piece with four “part.”

However, this feature is unreliable and inconsistent. In way too many cases – I would guess it’s more than half of my classical works – the individual movements are not linked and show up in the queue as if they were stand-alone works. Which flat out stinks for classical.

I see no way to correct this. The editing options available seem to allow to combine tracks into a new “album” – thus breaking up the actual album. Nor do I see a way to force Roon to re-import specific music files to see if a do-over fixes the parts problem.

What’s the fix?

I use an external tag editor (Metadatics in my case) to make sure WORK and PART tags follow those recommendations and WORK tags agree with’s work names. Solved many problems along the lines you describe.

You can do a reimport by selecting edit an an album. You can then do a more involved identify.

OK, using an external track editor (Yate) I can create WORK and PART tags. But that’s really tedious.

I cannot find a way to access or edit (or add) those tags within Roon. Seems to me that a user ought to be able to select the relevant tracks and link them. Even JRiver Media Center lets you do that.

With Yate, you could try to (semi-) automate the process. Usually, the Track Title uses some kind of pattern for Work - Movement (part) which helps splitting it witch Yate actions. It still takes some time.

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