Classics Multi-Part Works: Tag vs. Identify as multiple version / recording of a track / composition

please see below: album is “unidentified” and (what is good) some tracks “air, 2. satz …” + “Kinderszenen, op. 15 …” are linked to the variants of that composition.

how can i manage that “Suite Bergamasque … Clair de Lune” is also linked to the appropiate variants?
what makes it unique? filename, tags of artist / composer, namings, … ?

i added the tags WORK & PART in the file > no impact.
thanks for your reply.

you may also need to add an album from qobuz or tidal to your library that has Clair on it. That should confirm to Roon that the track is valid and should establish a link.

For your WORK and PART verbiage use the exact language as found in AllMusic. Good luck.

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you made my day - thanks! that works :slight_smile:

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