Cleanup of Record Labels required?

@support surely that can and should be consolidated to ECM Records and ECM New Series or otherwise everything down to ECM Records?

I think ECM New Series should be kept apart from ECM Records as a sub-label. For capitalized / non-capitalized variants some clever merging would surely be nice - have you checked ACT vs. Act yet? :wink:

I don’t know if it’s within Roon’s metadata processing philosophy to add some kind of intelligence here - it would also help with countries as another example (like United States / United States of America - which I find both in my library).

The alternative would be to provide better editing capabilities - currently it’s rather awkward to access this information for repairing what the metadata “cloud” or local tags didn’t get right. I’ve done this manually for some of the labels but it’s no fun job.

Seems to me there’s a lot of data normalisation to be applied here. @joel, your thoughts re normalising record labels, countries etc?