Clicks, Pops, with Oppo DAC Firmware 0018


I just posted the below to Customer Support from OPPO…curious if any of the OPPO 205 owners here on ROON are experiencing the same/similar problem??

Very happy Oppo 205 owner and prev owner of pretty much every BD player you have made! I use ROON software w/TIDAL and saw on the forum there about the latest updates to the 205 firmware.

  1. I updated the Oppo firmware to the last 29 June firmware (and prev the Beta version).
  2. ROON updated to allow for MQA unfolding/streaming.
  3. It looked like I was truly unfolding/rendering MQA content.
  4. Last night, I read in the forum that I ALSO have to update the USB DAC firmware. I was on USD DAC firmware 0012 apparently. (so not really doing MQA?)
  5. I updated to USB DAC firmware 0015 then to 0018 via the updater and instructions w/o issue.
  6. Immediately noticed numerous clicks/pops with both MQA and especially non MQA content on 0018 USB DAC firmware. I was hoping I was imagining it, but they were there!! Why??
  7. I rolled back to 0015 firmware and they were gone. 0015 sounds better to me than 0012–why? what is different b/t them?
  8. So am I now no longer “doing” MQA on the Oppo? (other than ROON still will do the 1st unfold)…are you all tracking issues w/0018 and will a 0020 be forthcoming that fixes the snap, crackle, pops or is something else wrong?

Here is the response I received from their customer service:

If you are switching between MQA and non-MQA audio, then this is a known issue with the firmware with the MQA capability on the DAC input.

If you are playing back native MQA audio and the sampling and bitrate are not changing, then try another playback software that can support MQA, as it is possible that the Roon software is not properly decoding (unfolding) MQA which will prevent the player from properly rendering (filtering) the audio.

If you can only use Roon, then make sure that you have enabled Masters in the software and that the Roon application has been upgraded to the latest release.

Hi Douglas,

I have also experienced pops on commencement of playback. In some cases I will actually receive no audio at all, when switching from non-MQA to MQA content. In each instance I have to turn the Oppo off and on again.

In another post I also only get white noise now when streaming native DSD. From my experiences to date I’m not confident the latest firmware, either for the DAC or the unit as a whole, isn’t without issue.


Thanks Chris for the feedback! I decided to try again tonight to upgrade to the latest USB firmware 0018. This time I am no longer receiving any of the clicks or pops. For the first time ever I can actually see the MQA wording on my attached television screen. However I can only see that MQA wording when ROON DSP is turned off. When I have it turned on, the MQA message on the TV screen disappears. However based on the screenshots it still seems like I may be receiving true MQA.

Anybody have thoughts on that?

That’s normal. Many MQA USB DAC can decode raw MQA signal but not render MQA Core signal (as already decoded by Roon).

Please see my post on MQA oppo 205… It’s a mess.