Clock Settings when using Roon as a source on Amethyst

Is my thinking correct that you can only set the internal clock to master mode with a fixed sampling rate when using Roon as a source with the Amethyst?

Actually, the Amethyst will automatically select the correct clock based on the incoming data from the Core. Just set up a Roon Ready Input and Enable it in Roon. Everything else is pretty much automatic.

Feel free to play RedBook CD, 24/96, whatever… the Amethyst and the Roon Core will make it work.



Thanks for the response.

Roon Ready input is setup and actually it used to work that way in the past (if my memory doesn’t fail me). After switching the clock setting to Master (Internal) at 96/24, I cannot convince it to switch back to what I assume is slave based upon ethernet stream /settings in Roon? Would be great if you could share with me the required clock / roon settings.

I also experimented with providing an external word clock signal to the Trinnov in Roon Ready Mode (fixed sampling rate). Unfortunately the Trinnov refused to recognize it. Trinnov Support has been very helpful with his, but their final position was that it is not intended to work with Roon and an external word clock signal. Is this a true limitation or something which could be configured with a future FW update?



One of the things about Roon that I think is genius is that it “knows” the capabilities of the various audio zones in your system. This allows you to spend the amount of money on quality that seems appropriate to you for any given zone.

In my case, I have an Apple Homepod in the kitchen for news and music while cooking. Roon will downsample all my hi-rez recordings to something that the Homepod can accept without me having to think about it.

But my music is in my living room and has a pair of bi-amped speakers and a sub (five outputs total. So I use an Altitude there and it automatically switches to the appropriate clock based on the incoming signal when playing Roon. Our clocks are extremely good, the same one we employ in our recording studio equipment.

I am not surprised that an external clock would not work. Roon needs to be able to switch clocks quickly and automatically, and there is no mechanism to do that with an external clock.