Close/exit button on mobile app

When using the android app, there’s no close/exit button or menu option that I can see. (If there is one, please let me know!)

Tapping the back button repeatedly, either in the app or on the android control buttons, takes you through numerous previous screens and eventually to a random album info page that I viewed weeks ago. Seems like it should at least land on the home page, or better yet leave the app and return to the page it was launched from.

Or better yet, a button or menu option to exit the app.

The three horizontal lines top left, this is the menu, then select home or wherever?

Yes there is no actual exit app button.

How many apps have an exit or close option, not many. You just close it using the os of choices method to close active apps.

Yes, I’m aware of that. Wish one of the options was exit. My use case is that I have a home automation page on a tablet to control lights, AV, etc. For stuff that’s not integrated in the home automation app I have buttons that launch the native app. So, I can bring up the Tivo remote app, do something, hit the android back button, and be back on the home automation page. Every other native app I launch works that way except roon. First world problem and no big deal and all that, just trying to have something easy for everyone to use.

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No, not a terrible idea at all.
I would likely use it if it existed.

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