Clumsy user interface for volume control

@Jeremiah, I think this might be yours.
The user interfaces for volume control are not great.
For the Meridian 818 I get the plus/minus + and ++ buttons, which is really clumsy and old-fashioned. Yes, I know M does that on the 800 series, but it is still bad, the G series and Prime have a big knob.
And for Geek I get a slider, which dates back 30 years and is far too sensitive.
(I could lock it and reach out to the knob on the Pulse, but that seems so 1999.)

I think you something analog that is geared reasonably. Like the common iOS model for setting time and date in a calendar event. For devices where you know the numeric setting, like the Meridian, the scroll wheel can be numbered, for others it can just striped to show motion.

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