CM4 Io Board + compute module 4

Dear all good evening and happy new year.
Sorry for opening a new thread but i couldn’t find something similar.
I just bought a CM4 Io Board with a Pi4 compute module (2 Gb Ram + 8Gb emmc).
I installed Ropieee XL and everything started just fine but after the online packages installation and restart nothing happens.
I see the ropieee in my router having an IP address but when i try to get into its webif connection times out. I am sure that it has to do with ropieee as my network works flawlessly (ropieee installation on a pi 4b+ 4Gb runs just fine)
Is the compute module 4 supported or will it be?

Thnx in advance

If you sponsor me a board I’ll make it work.

How can i do that?
I can send you mine if you want as it’s hard to find .

Not sure if that makes sense depending on your location.
You can sponsor it via Paypal or Patron. I can then order a unit myself over here.

o.k but it’s hard to find as raspberry has no stock on compute modules.
I live in Greece i can send you the board and compute module via DHL express (at my expense) if you agree.
Thnx for your interest btw

If you don’t feel comfortable with this i can do the paypal thing as long as you find one cm4 available.

Kind Regards

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