Cn I add airplay to my Pi3 running DietPi?

I love Roon, and I’m blown away by the sound quality of my Pi running Diet Pi with a Meridian Explorer 2 dac and iFi PSU.

However, I really miss being able to stream from my phone when I want to quickly listen to mixes I have done or Soundcloud.

So…Just wondering how if I can add Airplay and if I can is there a ‘How to…’??

When you SSH into DietPi, you can install Shairplay from the software installer by issuing ‘dietpi-software’ in a terminal (choose ‘DietPi Optimized Software’).

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Oh, didn’t realise it was built in.

I will SSH in and have a look.

Whoops – it appears DietPi offers Shairport Sync, not Shairplay.

Anyway – same difference: it will do what you’re after. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, just set up and all working a treat!!

Can I rename the Sharepoint Sync?

I guess you’ll need to edit ‘/etc/shairport-sync.conf’ with nano or a different editor of choice.

(I’m currently vacationing Pi-lessly, so I can’t check for you :slight_smile: ).

That’s what I thought and I just tried but access was denied.

Not really an issue for now, but I will be putting them all round the house. :smiley:

Are you logged in as root?

Also note the following on the software detail page:

Multiple Shairport devices:
If you are planning to use multiple Shairport devices on the same network, please make sure the hostname of each device is unique. This can be completed in dietpi-config > Security Options > Change Hostname.
Also, make sure you set unique names in the config file for shairport sync located: /etc/shairport-sync.conf.

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Yeah I was logged in as root.

I will check again.

That has sorted it, just doing it in the diet-pi config adjusted it in the sharepoint-syn.config too. :smiley:

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Just got to add, I love this software!!! :heart_eyes:

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Help, I have shairport on dietpi working on one Pi with a Hifiberry DAC, no issue. I cannot get it to work properly with my DAC (XCOM chip). There seems to be a bug with the sample rate, I get a weird fast, choppy sound. Is there a bug with the XCOM chip and shairport? I found some vague references but no solution.


Possibly the DAC doesn’t like the output freq/bit depth of shairport-sync default. Does it sound fine in other programs (such as Roon)?

We can check current output freq/bit depth, please play something over shairport-sync, then paste results of the following command:

cat /proc/asound/card*/pcm0p/sub0/hw_params

Do you have a URL link to your DAC? We can then try various output frequencies with shairport-sync and hopefully find one that works.

It is working fine with Roon with both PCM and DSD files. This is the one I am having the issue with:

Sorry XMOS above got autocorrected to XCOM…

I have got it working after making changes to my asound.conf file

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