CNC Service for Custom Cutout in Case Panel

I have a combo Plex/Roon server in a Streamcom FC8 Alpha case. It’s great but I want to install a small LCD panel to display stats with Conky. I have it all set up and functioning externally, but want the panel embedded in the aluminum front panel.

Does anyone know where I can have a rectangular cutout made to fit the panel? I bought a spare front panel to save on shipping expense. Thanks!

You might want to tell where your situated?
And you MUST post pictures of your build! :blush:

Will do. I’m in the Memphis, TN area of the US. FYI, the specs are: I5 12400K, 32 GB DDR 4, 512 GB 950 Pro NVME.

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Here are a couple pics. Nothing too exciting. I currently have the LCD status screen sitting on the side which can sort of be seen in one of the pics. Thanks for looking!

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Great little power plant! The screen was bigger than i expected, can you fit it without to much sacrifice?

Thanks. It’s been really solid, save for some of the DSD HQPlayer modes. It falls down on those but then so does my desktop rig with a 3090 so might be something else at play.

It should all fit no problem. I will be using a USB to HDMI adapter for the signal to drive the display from the internal USB C header. I’ve tested it and it works fine. Also laid out where the cutout would go with some painter’s tape.

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