Codecs (ffmpeg) for ROCK

Hello Forum!

I have questions about the codecs for ROCK.

For the ffmpeg codecs there are new codecs from time to time.

  • Is it necessary or useful to update them.
    If so, can I simply overwrite the old ones?

One more question:
Are there other codecs you can install?
If so, which ones?

Many greetings

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  1. If you want, simply replace the ffmpeg file in /Codecs/ with the newer version.
  2. If Roonlabs doesn’t say so otherwise, you don’t need to update.
  3. There are no further codecs required nor supported. ffmpeg is all you need. :slight_smile:

we only use mp3/aac from ffmpeg.

So why is it required to install the codecs of I only use FLAC.


Good question, that would interest me too.

Why install something I don’t need.

On the other hand, flac playback will not work without the ffmpeg package.

If you’re not wanting to play MP3, then you don’t need to install the codecs.

@xxx Thank You!
I deleted the ffmpeg-codecs!
And it works for me. :smiley:

Many greetings

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If you stream from Tidal you may find some of their content is still aac so your Rock will bork if codecs not installed same for some internet radio. It’s best to install and forget, you never need to update it.


Sometimes we use it for parsing out stranger tags, and if you have an aac/mp3 and the codec doesnt exist, it’ll break everything.

It doesn’t hurt to install it, and leads to a complete solution.


@everest, apologies for the bad advice.

I never put the codecs on when I had ROCK. Just lucky I guess.

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