ROON core says NAS folder “directory not available”

No Roon support help forthcoming?? Today makes me glad I didn’t spring for the lifetime membership.

Intel NUC running ROCK Version 1.0 (build 227) stable

Google Mesh network

Music files on TerraMaster NAS connected for ethernet

Tried to upload screen capture of error message when trying to reset database.
Screenshot 2020-10-06 at 4.01.26 PM

I tried to reset the database a second time and it worked. But now this status appears.

Screenshot 2020-10-06 at 4.07.49 PM

Was able to reconnect the NAS in Storage, but the scan stops way short of reloading the 22,000+ music files on the NAS.

Resetting will make you reload the codec

Don’t know if the missing codecs might be a problem -

i assume you have rebooted… you might have a bad ssd – exit code 2 means it failed to format the ssd partition that contains your db

Over night Roon successfully scanned the 22,000+ tracks on the NAS. It shows them in Albums or Artists, etc. When I try to play a track is says my storage location is offline or there isn’t enough music in my library or some similar type message.

Hello @Scott_Monroe, your issues seem to be connected and best served by a single support ticket, so I’ve moved your posts to one thread. Let me know if this is wrong.

I’d be glad to get any help at all. Thanks.

FYI - am starting over with a fresh install today on the Intel NUC.

Fresh install of ROCK on Intel NUC successful. NAS file storage location selected where music is located. Scan and Import starts. Fails every time so far. No better off now than before the fresh install.

Not once has anybody ever asked me “Why is your NAS that you use for music files connected to your NUC ROCK via ethernet cable and a dumb router switch, instead of via USB cable?”. Somethings you just have to figure out for yourself. Good luck all you folks having ROON problems. ROON’s help documentation would be vastly more useful the new users and non-IT people if it contained some schematics/pictures/drawings to visually explain the way to get the best sound out of your system.

No one asked because a NAS (Network Addressable Storage) is connected via Ethernet, with or without a dumb switch.

Hello @Scott_Monroe, thanks for the feedback here and my apologies for the delayed response. By your last post it sounds like things are working again, please let me know if you continue to see further issues and I’d be happy to help!

I’ll know tomorrow if everything is working again since Roon take a long time to rescan all the files. My guess is a Synology NAS is in my future to ultimately fix this problem.

Well, it is tomorrow and the problem still exists. ROON loses connection with the NAS file folder, just like it was doing before this problem started. Am going to buy a new NAS and hope that solves the problem.

What model Terramaster do you have?

Are you still connecting with USB?

You asked what model Terramaster NAS I have. This is the one.

[TerraMaster F2-220 2bay NAS 2.4GHz Intel Dual Core CPU 4K Transcoding Media Server Network Storage and it has two 4TB WD Red hard drives in it.

Roon sees the folder on the NAS that contains all the music files. Overnight it scanned and imported them all. When I try to play a song, it will sometimes play for 10-15 seconds and then just stops. And, when I look in the Storage menu it shows the drive can’t be found. If I look at Albums or Artists, the screen is empty except for the message shown via screen capture below:


EDIT: you also asked if the NAS is also still connected to the NUC via USB. It is, and ethernet cable too.

Here’s the problem as I see it.

A NAS device doesn’t connect to your network thru it’s USB port. That port is to connect an additional USB type device to the NAS, i.e. another drive or a printer. So, even though it seems like something changed when you connected via USB, it really had no effect.

You are still accessing the NAS thru Ethernet. I think you have either a bad port on your dumb switch or (more likely) a bad Ethernet cable. If worse comes to worse, the return from the power outage cooked your NAS.

Before you buy a new NAS, try a different cable or take the switch out of the equation.

Hope your drives are Ok.

Unasked for advice - buy a decent surge suppressor and avoid future problems of this type.

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