Collection management: hide rogue Tidal albums from artist page

If you look for Enigma, the band formed by Michael Cretu, there is quite some funky results in the Tidal albums portion… albums from at least two other Enigma bands are showing up there.

This is not a Roon problem or inaccuracy but an option to permanently hide these rogue albums would be great. :slight_smile:

Hi Patrick,

I checked this out and it is a mess. It seems everyone out there thinks “Gee, lets call ourselves Enigma, I bet know one has thought of that”!

Anyway, it is definitely a metadata problem that originates with Roon’s source for metadata.

I’m not sure, but maybe @joel has some suggestions one what to do with something like this. It would probably take one person a few hours to fix it at the metadata source. I searched some of the albums on the net and couldn’t even find any info on the original band.

I’m not sure, however, that hiding the rogue albums is the way to go. It should really be fixed. The question is how.

I’m going to move this to Support: Metadata Issues section for now.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg,

I’m happy to know that I’ve pinpointed something new. It seemed to me that this problem belonged to Tidal as the same problem is happening on their side too. Wasn’t sure if Roon team would groom data to this extent but why not! :slight_smile:

There are a few other problems like this that I’ve seen, I’ll report them here. Perhaps the feature we’re looking at is a “Report erroneous data” that we can use to report these rare cases in a structured manner to you?

Thanks and keep up the great work you’re currently at. Roon is amazing!