Colombian Stations request

Hello, I’ve just joined an would like to transition over my internet radio stations from my previous Majority Fitzwilliam which used Frontier Nuvola Smart Radio as a platform.

I’m not very technically minded and so haven’t been able to find the direct URLs of the streaming part. Would you be able to add the following stations with the information below?

Some are Colombian which I hope isn’t a problem as I don’t see any Colombian stations to choose from yet.

RadioAcktiva (Bogota) -
According to Frontier Nuvola it is available in Stereo MP3 128Kbit/s and Stereo AAC 64 Kbit/s

Tropicana Barranquilla 89.1 FM - Escucha Tropicana Barranquilla en vivo
Stereo MP3 128 Kbit/s and Stereo AAC 56 Kbit/s

Javeriana Estéreo 91.9 FM
Stereo MP3 128kbit/s

La Mega Plus (Bogota) -
Stereo MP3 48 kbit/s

La FM Bogota 94.9fm -
Stereo MP3 48 Kbit/s and Stereo AAC 32 Kbit/s

Colombia Crossover -
Stereo MP3 112 Kbit/s and Stereo AAC 112 Kbit/s

DR P8 Jazz - P8 Jazz – Jazz-radio – Lyt til P8 Jazz live | DR LYD
Stereo MP3 192 Kbit/s and Stereo MP3 96 Kbit/s

Hello @Tim_Clegg and welcome. I’ve added all the Colombian stations for you, although I couldn’t find a couple of the alternative streams. I’ll look harder later.

Please let me know if they’re OK.

Station DR P8 Jazz is already in the database. Use magnifying glass if you’re having trouble.

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Amazing, thank you very much Brian!

Let me know if you need me to search for any further information about the La Mega station.

I managed to find the mp3 stream (already had the .aac) for that station.

Any extra information (for any of your stations) would be very welcome.