Color of song names in Roon

I couldn’t find an answer and I am curious. Why are some song names written in white while others are in blue (purple)? This happens within the same album and I can’t find a suitable reason. I use dark mode.

Sounds odd. I would raise post in the support category and fill in the template about your system details.

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Oh, so is it a bug? I thought it was deliberate. Thank you.

I just checked a number of albums both local and Qobuz on my droid and ipad.
Both on dark theme.
Every song title in white.

Most peculiar!

As @ged_hickman1 said, provide some further information like what device(s) this is occurring on etc.

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Can you post a screenshot please?

Here are two screenshots from the same “Nazareth mix”. See song names in white and blue.

This is not a big issue for me, but I always thought it meant something but could not find a sound explanation to it.

Is the blue title clickable ?

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Yes! Never occured to me to click it, since I recall I also saw it on Roon display.

Talkin’ to One of the Boys” gets a “link” treatment because we’ve identified a composition you can navigate to.

Generally, this will be a page where you can see other performances of the same composition, although sometimes you get a link simply because the song was written by a notable composer.

There are some other factors as well, but at a minimum we need to know who composed the song to generate this link – that’s why you’ll see it with some songs and not others, even within the same album.


Thanks. This solves it.
Btw, could I have found out this info by myself? I am curious because I tried to find it written somewhere before asking the community but I couldn’t.