Combine parts of composition help needed

I have many compositions which are live recordings from venues.

How do I set Roon to stop picking up the ‘27’ in each track party, which I want to be included as part of 2011.04.27, and just do the splits into ‘Part 1’ , ‘Part 2’ etc. I’ve tried so many combinations of things. Adding various characters, adding the date in brackets etc etc etc.

I’ve got about 300 of these that I’m having to manually do… this is the first, so I’d like to get my system sorted straight away.

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Hi @Graeme_Stewart,

Are these albums identified?

Are you using WORK/PART tags in your file tagging?

No it’s not an identified album - it’s a live recording from a venue.

I’ve used MP3tag to tag the basics (as was recommended by Nuwriy in a different thread), but there doesn’t appear to be deeper options than the ones you can see in the MP3tag screenshot

You can add work and part tags to MP3Tag by choosing the Customize Columns option.