Combined artists

Any artists or bands that share a name are munged up together. People have been posting about this for years.

Can’t you please iterate the ones you’ve run into?

Eric Johnson
The Godz
John Williams
… off the top of my head, just examples. But honestly it is a pervasive problem.


The discography for Enigma (Michael Cretu) is now peppered with other ‘Enigma’ artists and it’s a real mess, this wasn’t like it last time I checked. Some appear to be errors from Tidal, but many are not.

No sign of this issue being fixed.

Dj fresh

Problem is coming from tidal / qobuz where the same mixup is visible


Shows releases from other entities who called themselves Can / The Can.

This is an insult to the genius of the krautrock / experimental rock legends - Can.


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I have already seen so much success in Valence Art Director… quality of art is already noticeably improved for a lot of artists.

Please consider an equivalent, if not for metadata at large, then for the specific case of artist disambiguation. It’s a pervasive issue, and we all recognize it’s due to upstream metadata providers. But surely there must be a way to leverage 100k serious music fans to fix it?


Any updates to this topic? I’ve recently added a number of photos using Valence and was quite happy to help. One thing that I noticed while in there is that I have several cases of either conflated artists, or artists that are incorrectly split apart. Two Bill Evans, some with the trombonist when it should be the pianist, for example. Is there a way I can contribute to a fix?