COMMENT: Can't live without Roon and Can't live with it

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Happy to provide 100% detail on why I have written the above, all the info needed, screen shots, whatever.
Have spent days reading all the knowledge base, searching community, google … the concepts are excellent and easy. I am finding the application impossible. Like trying to grab an octopus!!

(OK - finally got the colour purple and enjoyed the sound quality of my FLAKed CD’s. Now it’s back to green after I have managed to get my phone to be the controller like it used to.). Aaaarrggghh!!



Very funny, but if you want help you need to fill out the rest of form and describe the problem fully, unless you just wanted to vent. In that case, mission accomplished.

Post a screen shot of your signal path. That might give us the answer.

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Can you post a screenshot of your signal path?
It looks like this

And explain more specifically what the issue is?
There’s plenty of people here who will help you.

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Might be more fun if we try to guess the issue. My guess is that purple and green are references to Chord colored lights. Anyone else?


Lol @Jim_F
So many times you post basically the same things just moments before I do.

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No, he’s asking about lossless vs enhanced or a non-lossless, lower resolution track. He’s probably running some DSP.


He’s reading a novel by Alice Walker and listening to Rammstein?


You’re probably right.


But green light + phone also makes me suspect AirPlay.

Sorry @David_GIBBINS we went a bit off the rails here but we’ll get you sorted.


NOW you have to elucidate ,I’m obviously not cultured enough .

Is that like reading Beano and listening Eric Clapton ? :smiling_imp:

EDIT OK Got Alice Walker but …


Thanks all for your willingness to respond to my comment. This is very kind and I appreciate it enormously! I am encouraged that there are so many happy to help a new “Roony”.

Soooo … just repeating my first sentence:

“Happy to provide 100% detail on why I have written the above, all the info needed, screen shots, whatever.”

I can now do this next, including answering all the standard header fields, and trying not to leave any room for guessing or any reason for anyone needing to ask me for more info … for any who are then interested and willing in going further. This will take me a bit of time. I do have lots of screen captures already - including what some of the replies have indicated they would like to see. There will be lots of words including some comments. There will be mention of a Roon Core and some apple cores.

As I indicated I have genuinely tried to solve this one myself from all sources I could find over an extended time: inside Roon’s knowledge base, this community and Google in general. I am only going here because I still cannot implement what I really thought would have been routine.

Thanks again for those who want to help! I do appreciate it! I suggest wait till I have posted my “100%” what, why, how, when etc etc etc etc as best I understand.

Please note: I am ALWAYS happy to be corrected, guided, encouraged, given relevant background information, links … and very thankful to those who take the time to share their knowledge and experience.

Thanks again


@David_GIBBINS - I’m going to move this thread into the #roon category of the forum, since, as you say, it started as a comment on Roon, rather than a Support request.

Please start a new Support request, and fill out the template so that the Support team can help you further. Thank you.


Noted with thanks

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