Community Forum Problems: 502 Bad Gateway

Anyone else having problems at the moment? I keep getting 502 errors. when trying to upload screenshots…

Other sites are OK

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You what!!!

There’s other forums other than Roon’s :scream:

No issues posting screenshots.

May I direct you to the support pages :wink:

Seems to work here from Germany …

Hmm, seems to have gone away for now - lasted about 10 minutes on my side…

I had a few issues yesterday, not a bad gateway.

Just returned an error message that there was an issue uploading an image.

I had put it down to being on mobile data though.

Might have been a server overload momentarily and restarted. :man_shrugging:

It’s been consistently OK for me with one - persistent, and almost certainly unrelated - failure:

Often, when I’m replying to a (long) message, whose paragraphs I split with [quote]/[/quote] directives, I can type half my reply and none of it show up: the (next) [quote] hasn’t ‘taken’.

I’ve found that I nearly always have to press Return and then [ to get the [quote] (so that I can refer to the reply of the other poster) to appear.

I put this down to Discourse slowness.

Anyone else…?