Community offline last night (Discourse 3 upgrade)

Just as I was trying to put display on Ropieee!
Any news re why it went offline?
Ps got display working and it’s terrific!

I do notice a slightly different look.

No official news, but… if you look around the community site, you’ll notice that a new version seems to be online. So, either it went down and they then decided to take advantage and update Discourse, or they took it down to update in the first place.


I think it was a major Discourse update that was the reasoning.
Think it’s now v3.0


Some further information here about Discourse 3 for you buffs and mavens.

Edit: customisable sidebar was often requested by Forum members.

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Must admit I was a bit concerned about unannounced downtime… figured maybe there’d been a hack. Glad to know it was an upgrade!

Any idea how to customise I am seeing replies from 2019 at the top …