Compacta artist lising

Hi there,

Is there a way to make the Artist list more compact and not list any pics?
So presenting Artists as text only, (but when an artist is selected, i’d like the albums to show up with coverart.

No – because this is not Roon’s intention.

If you want spreadsheet-like (simple lists) of your content, then Roon probably isn’t the software for you.

Well, that was a bit patronizing answer. I am just asking this to get the Artist listing, more compact as I have +1500 artists in my library, but once chosen an artist, I want the full graphic experience.

You can always create a feature suggestion in the #feedback:feature-suggestions category of the forum if you want Roon to change.


In case you didn’t know it, you can use the scrollbar to quickly navigate through artists and albums.


You can also just start typing the letter(s) of artist names for quick jump (depends on configured first name / last name sort order).

PS: Not using a phone with its small screen may also help when navigating big libraries.

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