Compatibility of 2018 NUC w/ Intel Celeron J1900 and Rock?


I have an older NUC from 2018 with an Intel Celeron chip J1900 and a mPCIe SSD…
could I use this to install Rock or will this hardware configuration not be compatible with Rock?

There is a knowledge base article about minimum requirements.

I am pretty sure this is not compatible

thank you!

You could use it as an end point by loading Roon Bridge, i assume it has Windows ?

It will work in all likelihood. There is no reason why it wouldn’t. However if you compare it with the lowest fully supported processor Roon recommends it loses out massively in the areas where Roon is most demanding, namely single and dual core performance.
As just stated above, this would make a handy end point and wouldn’t be troubled by simply loading and running ROCK as a simple transport OS. But if you give it work to do as a core you may find the user experience to be poor.

Innuos and others who make devices that are advertised as being able to run Core, use a Celeron (as I recall it’s the J1900), although they don’t go out of their way to list that in the specs. Supposedly, it’s because of the lower heat profile.

There are those on this forum who use these devices, but if you run into trouble the first (and probably the only) thing Roon will tell you is that you are below spec.

Since you already have this device, why not just try it for yourself? ROCK will either install or not, there be no mystery about it. Once it installs you can see if it has enough horsepower. If you’re not doing heavy DSP or multiple endpoints, then you’ll probably be ok.

It’s will run but under power if you have huge library, multiple zone and need to apply DSP or resampling for compatibility of difference endpoints.